Certified Halal Products
Certified Halal Products
We will reopen August 3, 2020.


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Business Hrs:
    11:00 am- 8:00 pm

Sunday:       Closed




Vietnamese Cuisine with a spiritual balance TM
First Halal Vietnamese restaurant in
the Greater Los Angeles.

For centuries, PHO has been the main source of nutrients for Vietnamese natives. Since 1975, with the flux of immigrants to the United States, it has been fast becoming one of the hottest ways to jazz up America's calorie-conscious dinners.

At PHO ellie, we bring this popular dish to another level of health consciousness and spiritual balance by seriously preparing the nourishing soup with certified halal* products in order to serve both Muslims and non-Muslims communities. We believe it matters, a lot!. What we eat affects everything, not just our physical health but our spiritual balance and our environment as well.

With all that said, if you pay attention to our broth, you will find a unique taste: lighter but tastier than most of the pho establishments you found in Little Saigon.

Formerly Aatish( a Pakistani & Indian restaurant), Pho Ellie is being kept halal - a rare Vietnamese halal restaurant in the Orange County area. Besides the most popular Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), customers can taste the sizzling grilled cube steak or the popular lemongrass chicken , the slow-cooked beef stew on noodle or dipping with daily fresh French bread, the delicious shrimp and egg roll in vermicelli, the house special egg rolls or made-to-order spring rolls ...and of course our famous Vietnamese iced coffee.

...and don't forget to try our newest items on the menu: chow-fun, seafood medley, stir-fry wheat noodle, grilled Tilapia fish plate.

halal*:  animals are raised without hormones, antibiotics or chemicals. The meat is traditionally prepared by hand and must be blessed by the preparers.

Try our house specialties!

We use only certified Halal products

All natural, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives

Monday thru Friday    
11:00am to 8:00pm

    Sunday                           CLOSED         

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